Thursday, January 4, 2018


We're returning to Cygnet after two years for a couple of performances:

THE MUSIC OF MAWSON’S MEN, Cygnet Folk Festival. National Library of Australia Presentation.
Saturday Jan 13th 3-4 Huon Christian Life Church.

Join Erin Collins, Fred Pribac, Geoff Iliff, Pat Cranney, Denis McKay, Jason Roweth, Graham Seal and Rob Willis for The Music of Mawson’s Men.

The Music of Mawson’s Men blends music, recitation, readings, archival and recreated audio and visuals into an entertaining one-hour stage presentation using the same instruments played in the hut as the men battled isolation, emotional deprivation and madness in the ‘home of the blizzard’ during the 1911-1914 Antarctic expedition.

They had a variety of musical instruments, a number of song books, a wind up gramophone and small number of records to entertain themselves for the duration. There are a large number of references in the expedition diaries to the music, parodies and songs they enjoyed. A wide variety from traditional shanties to the latest ragtime songs. Written and produced by Graham Seal and Rob Willis the production also features images from photographer Frank Hurley (NLA collection) and stories from the diaries.

Verandah Music: Tales, Tunes and Taradiddles from Tasmania

The Verandah Band
Huon Christian Life Church, Sunday 14 January, 2018 3:15 PM – 4:15 PM

A presentation of traditional Tasmanian songs and tunes and stories from the collection and research of Rob Willis and Graham Seal. Rob is a leading oral historian who has worked extensively with the National Library of Australia. Graham is a folklorist and historian at Curtin University. Rob and Graham are both experienced musicians and will be accompanied by Olya Willis.

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