Monday, April 17, 2017

12th National Folklore Conference success

The AFN’s 2017 annual conference featured a range of presentations combining research, and performance in a balance that has become the signature of this annual event. As always the conference was well attended and well received.

The lunchtime concert featuring the Flying Emus was a great complement to the day’s activities.

We thank our partners, the National Folk Festival, Curtin University and particularly the National Library of Australia whose ongoing support and dedicated staff make the event possible.

Many of those who present and attend at the conference also contribute to the National Folk Festival following on immediately afterwards. The festival is a stimulating (and tiring!) experience where music, song, dance, food and many other things combine in a unique celebration of the diversity of past and present traditions. Running the conference in tandem with the festival has proved to be a winning strategy and preparations are already underway for the 13th National Folklore Conference.

Graham Seal for the committee:

Gwenda Davey
Jennifer Gall
Kevin Bradley
Rob Willis

Graham McDonald
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