Australian Fairy Tale Society

Great Australian Stories series

Australian Colonial Dance

Transplanted Musical Traditions in Australia - by Peter Parkhill

Traditional dance Youtube by Peter Ellis

John McIntyre plays a lament on Northumbrian small pipes to his ancestor Duncan Ban MacIntyre

Folklore Australia - resources and links

Library of Congress Folklife Center Australian collections

Nariel Creek dance 

Sally Sloane

Harry Schaeffer, master musician from Forbes, NSW (Thanks Graham McDonald)

10,000 wax cylinders digitised by University of California, Santa Barbara. Categories include Minstrel Music, songs which might have been sung in Australia in the later 19th Century when many minstrel bands (both African-American & blackface) came to Australia. (Thanks to Sandra Nixon).
Playlists includes Squeezebox & American songs of WW1. (Thanks to Sandra Nixon).

Val Turton – From Murder Ballads to Music Hall.  

Peter Ellis and Gerald Kavanagh demonstrate old time dance drumming .

The earlier Peter Ellis accordion video that supports the drumming one above .

Aunty Dawn Smith (Bourke, NSW) Tall Dark Man in the Saddle.

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